As part of Central Saint Martins’ 2018 Graphic Communication Design degree show, we were tasked with creating a publication that documented the diversity of individuals, outcomes and paths within the GCD course.
    With a range of tutor-selected work, as well as exercpts from final year dissertations, we needed to produce a booklet in line with the pre-established identity of the show - Made It!

    To demonstrate the interflow of our practical work and our dissertations, we decided to use an insert that physically embedded itself within the publication. The arrow on the cover flows throughout the book on the bottom, and appears as a recurring motif throughout.
    We also hand screen-printed 1500 paper bags, demonstrating the craft focus of many practitioners on the course and providing a sense of individuality to every booklet, with each bag being subtly different.

I was responsible for the collection and organisation of the range of work selected from the students of the course, as well as editing the writing for consistency. I was also involved in the art direction and layout of the publication.

Created in collaboration with Bobby Chen, Helena Traill, Julia Poon, Katie Peck, Pewand Shams, Rafael Zugliani, Calum Barlow and Terrayne Brown.