Ben Kite
Ben Kite
Graphic Designer based in London

Wings of Salvation

14 years of friendship, miles upon miles of dirty Midlands A-roads and a shared love of cycling

Inspired by a shared love of cycling and graphic design, Ollie Meeke and I set about creating a series of design executions for an imaginary universe where we stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Armstrong and Froome.

Winner of the Shutt Velo Custom jersey design competition 2022 *printed jersey coming soon*

2022 - ongoing

Taking reference from 1980s industrial and tech logos, we crafted our own, imagined sponsors, and created a jersey that we’d lead the peleton in. Inside jokes and one-liners became petrochemical companies, tyre manufactures and cycling magazines.

Vintage tech logos, circa 1985 (USA)

Vintage cycling photography via

More to come.