Ben Kite

Hello, my name is Ben Kite. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, photographer & writer, based in London.

I make work that looks at social & environmental issues.
You could hire me to design a publication, disrupt a public space or sing at your wedding.  

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Crafting an immersive museum experience for visually impaired visitors

The Problem

Museums are primarily visual spaces. While efforts are being made to create more inclusive spaces, there is a serious lacking in the experiences of visually impaired individuals. How can we challenge the preconceived notions of these spaces, while creating an inclusive experience?

The Insight

Through exploring a number of museum across London, and speaking to musuem staff, visitors and members of RNIB, I established an understanding of the limitations of these spaces. Investigating the concept of the ‘touching tour’, I decided to make use of 3D scanning and printing, as it allowed any object in a museum to be interacted with without fear of damage. 

The Idea
Using an interactive, arduino-powered system & 3D printed fascimiles of museum artefacts, I created an immersive audio-sensory experience for visually impaired visitors. When the 3D printed object is lifted off the plinth, ambient audio begins to play that contextualises the object, replacing the visual aspect of museums with a tactile and sound-based experience. Considering the range of visual impairment, I added tactile LEDs that spell out ‘Touch’ in Braille, making use of lights to add an abstract visual experience as well.