Ben Kite

Hello, my name is Ben Kite. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, photographer & writer, based in London.

I make work that looks at social & environmental issues.
You could hire me to design a publication, disrupt a public space or sing at your wedding.  

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A Wake For The Wild

Documenting the moments where green space sits on the cusp of extinction, where the man-made and the natural clash, and how we impact the earth.

The Concept

This series explores the range of impacts we have on green space. From the smallest of campfires to large-scale development projects, we mould, shape and change the natural world, and with developments like HS2 threatening just under 100 ancient woods and 350 unique habitats, we are at a serious risk of losing these spaces for good. 

The Insight

My youth was marked by a curiosity for the natural world, and I grew up surrounded by nature. As I got older, and moved away to London, I saw these spaces I once explored flattened for property development, or damaged by fly-tipping and careless destruction. 

This recognition spurred on the creation of a project that set out to document these spaces, and ask a question of what the world might look like when we lose the green space we hold so dear. Part speculative, part all-too-real, A Wake For The Wild is deeply personal, as well as being outward looking and wide in it’s scope. 

Awards & Recognition
The Book
46 Pages, printed on 170gsm matt paper. Handbound by myself, using a ‘secret belgian’ book binding technique. Featuring a poem and an essay, alongside 19 photographs.